Tobias, service and reconditioning
About us


Customer focus has always been a central part of our business. Our strength is custom-made hydraulic cylinders and the knowledge we have built up together with our customers for 40 years. Our products consist of our standard components and are adapted according to customer needs with optimal material, function and design for each specific use case.

Our relationship with our customers is the foundation our company is built upon. For us it’s important to deliver a quality we can be proud of, and we value professionalism, high quality and take proud in keeping our commitments to our customers, employees and partners.


We produce custom-made hydraulic cylinders for different types of vehicles, construction- and lifting equipment, as well as for industry and marine applications. We also design and manufacture units for hydraulic applications. In addition to production of new cylinders at unit or series basis, service and reconditioning of cylinders represents a substantial part of our business

All our hydraulic cylinders are designed, constructed and produced in our production site in Jakobstad – Pietarsaari. Thanks to many years of dedication, hard work and continuous development together with our customers, our hydraulic cylinders are today found in challenging and demanding environments.